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If Iran Goes Nuclear

What's really going to happen?  Will they nuke Israel?  I doubt it, unless they want to commit national suicide.  Nuke the US?  Unlikely, since they don't have any missiles that can hit the US.  And where would they buy such things?  North Korea?

Look, lots of countries have nuclear weapons and haven't used them in a war.  I'm not trying to be Pollyanna-ish about this, but really.  We're considering military intervention in Iran because of this?  We need to consider very carefully what we do next.


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Feb. 17th, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
Most nuclear power nations haven't threatened to "wipe off the map" other nations.

It's quite a good possibility that they *will* nuke israel, national suicide or no.

To note: That doesn't really mean that *we* should do anything military about it. But I can't really see doing much to prevent *israel* from pre-empting.

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